Dr. Pranav Singh

Dr. Pranav Singh is a highly accomplished academician and leader in the field of Public Relations, with extensive experience in both academic and industry settings. He has a strong background in research, having completed his PhD on the topic of "Increasing Usage of Digital Media in Public Relations: A study based on Selective Public Relations Departments of U.P", at the School of Media Studies (SMS) in Jaipur. Prior to this, he obtained a Post Graduation in Masters in Journalism & Mass Communication from UPRTOU University, and a Bachelor of Business Administration from United Institute of Management. His training in research enables him to focus on the complex issues around Public Relations, which make them relevant for contemporary life.  more ...

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Dr. Pranav Singh

He has participated in a large number of International & National Conferences representing himself as well as the Industries he has been associated with. He has published more than 40 Research Papers & Copyrights in his field and has published more than 700 Articles in renowned newspapers. Holding a Ph. D. from Jaipur National University, he has been teaching students of Journalism and mass communications since the last 7 years.  more ...

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