Amar Ujala organized the event

Dr. Pranav Singh, Director of the Rama Group, was honoured by the Amar Ujala Group in July 2022 at Landmark, Kanpur for the services provided to the community by the Rama Medical College through the "Samman Samarpan Ka" programme. In which Brijesh Pathak, the minister for health and medical education, served as the event's special guest in Kanpur. At the Amar Ujala "Samman Samarpan Ka" event, he addressed a number of significant problems, including the need for complete medical care for patients from the lowest socioeconomic strata and the need for security measures to protect medical personnel from violent attacks.

He declared that a medical college will be established in every area, ensuring adequate medical care. Hospitals will add more nursing personnel. Along with this, don't forget to advise the physicians to check the gate when they arrive at the hospital. Get the patient hospitalised if he is a helpless patient and is laying there. You will feel at ease as a result, and you will sleep well. He related a few of these tales.

Amar Ujala organized the event "Samman Samarpan ka” at Hotel Landmark. I also had a chance to express some of my opinions at this occasion. I began speaking with Our doctors should be commended for their commitment, bravery, and enthusiasm in serving society throughout the Corona era. In an era when wearing a mask for even a few hours is impossible for the average person, Even at that time, the doctors remained devoted to their work day and night wearing kits and wearing masks and bathing in sweat. Our doctors have tried their best to convert this disaster into opportunity. The moment has come for us to recognize our doctors and improve the working conditions for them, and do all within our power to improve the efficiency of our healthcare services. We are all aware that doctors not only aid in the treatment of our illnesses but also assist to save our lives by providing us with emotional support when we are going through a difficult period. Although it is believed that God alone determines a person's life and death, doctors have proven time and again that they are capable of saving people from the jaws of death. In such a circumstance, it is also our job to enhance our health services as much as we can in order to give the working doctors a better atmosphere and to raise their productivity. Recently, NITI Aayog had told the need to increase the expenditure for health services. In India only 1.50 percent is spent on health services.  the government aims to increase it to 3 percent in the next 5 years. We should make such efforts so that we can achieve this goal quickly and easily, the way we have emerged during the Corona period has taught us a lot. We are always striving for the purpose of improving our health system. Along with time, progress has also been made in medical science, due to which the treatment of serious to serious diseases has become possible by the doctors. On behalf of all of us, we salute the service, dedication, loyalty, honesty, dedication and dutifulness of all those doctors. These are progressive times and in this progressive period, we are on the way to improve our health system.

Today doctors have been honored by Amar Ujala, which is a great honour for all of mankind. This is an admirable project that encourages individuals who are pursuing a life of service. In the end, I would like to say that we should endeavour to increase medical facilities and provide our services in both urban areas and far-flung communities by utilising the information, technology, and talents that we all possess.