Discussed with Hon'ble CM of Uttar Pradesh regarding medical education and new dimensions during Covid-19 pandemic

During the COVID- 19 pandemic, there was great deal of confusion and discussion regarding the proper duties for medical students, which caused student involvement in clinical treatment to differ between schools. Some institutions ban students from ever speaking to patients, while others hire them for jobs at hospitals or even graduate medical students to work as front-line doctors. In cooperation with the UP Government, Rama Medical College played a crucial part in managing the pandemic scenario by offering Covid patients urgent treatment.

 The COVID-19 epidemic is still teaching us valuable lessons about brand-new facets that are having an impact on our daily lives. The epidemic has also provided us with an opportunity to pause, review current systems, and consider how they may be enhanced, not only for crisis situations but also for the long-term welfare of residents. Rama Medical College and Hospital has been making frequent efforts to maintain improved organization and management throughout the outbreak and its control. We had never before had such a severe health problem. But with our mutual understanding and cooperation, we continued to advance.

We not only informed people of this, but we also provided advice on how to get ready to handle any public health emergency. Our medical students taught the locals how to defend themselves in response to this. Following all the guidelines of Corona, our students provided information, recommendations, and guidance on how to preserve and protect ourselves and our loved ones in this time of epidemics both personally and through internet mediums, such as Keep doing occasional hand washing. Wash your hands occasionally with soap and water. You might also use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if you want. On the hands, thoroughly rub the sanitizer in. This will put a stop to the infection, even if it is still on your hand. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth too. With each surface we touch, there is a chance that the virus will adhere to our hands. The likelihood of a virus entering the body rises if we touch our nose, mouth, and eyes at the same time. Keep a tissue handy if you're coughing or sneezing, and if you don't have one handy, sneeze or cough into the crook of your elbow with your palm extended forward. Tissues should be thrown away as soon as possible after usage. If you don't do this, the infection it contains can spread to other people. People are being requested to abide by the social distance norms for this reason. People have been told to keep at least two meters between each other when practicing social distance. In addition, it has been suggested that individuals remain inside their houses and only exit if absolutely required. in order to prevent coming into contact with those who are sick.

People should refrain from handshake and instead use 'safe-greeting' like Namaste or use of elbow or other way of greeting. Rama Hospital Since the arrival of the Kovid-19 pandemic in March 2020 till now, the methods of dealing with it have been changing continuously. Improving them that is why we are now in a position to understand the issues related to the management of the pandemic and decide how these issues can be resolved going forward.

In order to make sure that all necessary medical resources, such as ICU beds, ventilators, personal protection equipment for cares, and health services are accessible, we also performed and put into practice health crisis response exercises. Covid-19 and the chances made available to us by this epidemic have taught us how to deal with hardship and seize the day. In addition to learning how to manage Kovid-19 and prevent the spread of this disease, we also studied how to use personal protective equipment (PPE) properly, what procedures to follow during quarantine, and other techniques. Additionally, throughout this time, digital solutions to regularize vital items have been crucial. Which we closely embraced and comprehended, we are certain that by committing to promote manufacturing in India with cheap costs and highly trained employees, we can further our innovative thinking.

Rama University has also realized how important it is to further develop this by educating our students about the startup culture. Along with this, it is our leadership's duty to ensure that Rama University develops this plan, and to inspire and drive the students in order for them to eventually receive their just due on the international arena.