Discussion with Smt. Anandiben Patel, the honorable governor of Uttar Pradesh, about improving higher education in the private sector and the healthcare environment

Rama University's Medical College and Hospital is advancing in this direction, which will broaden the range of chances for respectable work in the healthcare industry.2020," which was announced by the Central Government in July 2020 in order to bring about the anticipated changes in the Indian educational system in accordance with the demands of contemporary society. A vision of significant changes in the Indian educational landscape has been provided through the "National Education Policy 2020." Given the quality of higher education and its applicability, the current educational system can provide a significant number of educated positions annually. With time, the process of altering higher education has also begun. Additionally, we concentrate on improving educational institutions' facilities and curricula market- and time-friendly. We also advised the Honorable Governor to take the SAT and GRE in order to be admitted to professional programmers. According to GMAT, entrance exams should be held at the national level and the results should be used to determine admission; legislation should be passed to ensure that instructors receive ongoing training and quality enhancement.

In order to promote the total development of the students and help them move toward employment, Rama University is quickly growing for studies in the scientific, technology, management, and financial sectors, particularly in the disciplines of engineering, medical, management, computer, technology, etc. Could Additionally, under the higher education strategy, focus is placed on preparing students with the necessary skills in accordance with market demands so that the skilled young may find job with ease. They can even launch their own business there.