Dr. Pranav Singh, Director met Hon'ble Chief Minister Mr. Yogi

Dr. Pranav Singh, Director's (Rama Group) Commendation to Honorable Chief Minister Shri Yogi Aditynath Ji. In order to achieve the objective of Self Reliant Mission 2020, Dr. Singh discussed the need for young skill development. As a guide for implementing the New Education Policy 2020, he further underlined the breadth and prospects for creating transdisciplinary projects for the students. The main purpose of the meeting with CM Yogi Adityanath Ji was to talk about how to give young people access to high-quality education and employment.

We all know that the National Education Policy's primary goal is to raise the standard of education offered in India. In order for India to become a world knowledge giant. The National Education Policy will ensure widespread access to education. In this situation, Rama University is exerting all of its efforts to completely implement this policy.

New initiatives are constantly being worked on to help our kids receive top-notch education. In order to keep our students on the cutting edge of education, we maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with them. He consistently encourages them to succeed in whatever they set out to do. In addition to educating them, we work diligently to develop their moral principles so that their practical knowledge also grows.

We also push the pupils to develop moral principles that can be traced back to their ideal source. Moral ideals must be instilled by a shift in behavior, which must become ingrained in students' daily lives as a habit. in order for the students to develop their social skills and continue working toward both their academic and professional goals. Along with this, we continue to host guest lectures and seminars for university students studying a variety of areas. so that the pupils might gain new knowledge. Our university makes every effort to give its students professional experience in the workplace. We attempt to get kids involved in various activities each day so that finding job shouldn't be the main goal of life. Along with this, we discover that great education is also required to develop a better citizen so that he might eventually launch his own business and provide prospects for self-employment.

Trans-disciplinary learning, which I have also added, is the research of a pertinent idea, concern or topic that blends methodologies from various academic domains in order to get a deeper understanding of the most recent knowledge and real-world experiences.  Our university boosts the inner confidence of the student through education and training, which in turn aids in the achievement of your professional goals. Student can develop the information, abilities, and

Experience necessary to advance in his job. According to studies, more confidence promotes job progress and our groups work on this. We also work to develop people's personalities, minds, morals, and bodies. Only education can equip us with the variety of knowledge and skills we need to succeed in both our personal and professional lives. Our sole objective is to help the students realize their aspirations, and we work tirelessly to help them realize whatever goals they have for the future.