Dr. Pranav Singh extensively involved in policy making and dissemination of information in all suitable platforms to strengthen the education sector

We are extensively involved in policy formulation and dissemination of information in all appropriate platforms to strengthen the education sector. Rama University is always working to enhance the effectiveness of the system for enhancing educational institution policies in accordance with governmental policy. We are all aware that a society's growth and maturity are reflected in its education, which is the cornerstone of any advanced civilization. A civilization without education cannot assert supremacy and even does not know how to act.

The value of education is much greater for a growing nation like our own. Everyone aspires to a certain place in life. Higher education is crucial for achieving success in life and in society. After completing primary and secondary school, it is crucial to pursue further education to change the course of one's career. Rama University gives higher education its complete focus. so that pupils may give their all and the quality of instruction rises. We all know how crucial "education" is to a person's entire growth. Because of this, it is essential that educational policies adapt throughout time in order to sustain the quality of education. National Education Policy 2020 - To maintain the effectiveness of the nation's educational system, a new education policy has also been introduced. After 34 years, the policy on education has changed. This is the third time that the National Education Policy has been altered, the first two times being in 1968 and 1986. Under the direction of "Dr. K. Kasturirangan," the former head of ISRO, a draught of a new education strategy was developed.

The New Education Policy seeks to open the door for fundamental changes in India's school and higher education sectors. This policy has been successfully implemented at Rama University. According to the National Education Policy 2020, teaching would be done using "Artificial Intelligence Software" that focuses on improving students' comprehension rather than rote learning in order to lessen the workload on students and boost their enthusiasm in academics. A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body, thus in addition to academics, "extracurricular activities" including athletics, the arts, and other pursuits have been declared compulsory.  Rama University is working to raise the standard of instruction. In order for the process of learning among students and teaching among instructors to go effectively, we have concentrated on the relationships that exist between the teachers and the students. Before the session began, sufficient teachers, according to the subject, had been posted. To raise the

standard of education, we also put a lot of effort into changing the way teachers educate. Along with the curriculum, we have endeavourer to provide the students with material that is applicable to real-world situations. Additionally, the institution sometimes uses an inspection system where we get input from the students. Additionally, the education tuition has been set such that even students in the general category may afford it. In order to assist our students in realizing the constitutional goals of social, economic, and political equality, we have placed a strong focus on transforming today's education into one that is development- and career-oriented. By receiving an education, children can develop into confident adults. To increase the quality of teaching, efforts have been undertaken to give instructors a comfortable working atmosphere.

According to which we gave the instructors timely access to appropriate materials so they could use them effectively. Regular curriculum updates and an emphasis on skill-based education are two factors that are required to improve the quality of education. The pupils will stay current with modifications as the hours change if the curriculum is updated often. We will acquire new abilities through skill-based education, and instruction will be career-focused. Life values and vocational education must be given special attention in education in order to raise the standard of instruction. We continue to train the professors in more effective teaching techniques while also updating the university's infrastructure. in order to provide our pupils with a better atmosphere in addition to the professors.