Dr. Pranav Singh met with the Hon. President Shri Ram Nath Kovind

Dr. Pranav Singh met with the Hon. President Shri Ram Nath Kovind to and explains the steps taken by Rama Medical College to prepare for the third wave of COVID. To guarantee that there would be a medical facility for kids during COVID-19's third wave, a 100 bed children's ward has been established. The prospect of the third corona virus wave is being raised as the second wave's impact on India diminishes, but India is also prepared fully and has a plan in place for this. The first and second waves of Corona taught us a lot, and we have taken all necessary precautions with this knowledge in mind. In preparation for a potential third wave of Kovid-19, the Rama Medical team is working nonstop to provide appropriate funding for medical facilities and paediatric treatment. We organised teams in accordance with the resources, medications, and other vital items on our comprehensive list for preventing the third wave to ensure that the patients are not inconvenienced in any way.

We are all aware of how much the first and second waves have taught us. Due to a lack of resources, we battled Covid-19 despite losing many of our dearest friends and family members. We are receiving information regarding the effects of a hypothetical third wave on our kids, for which we have most likely made enough preparations. With all required medical services, including ambulances, oxygen, and critical medications, we are making sure we are fully prepared. Along with this, a cap on out-of-pocket payments for hospital treatment should be established, and there needs to be transparency.

I gave Rashtrapati ji my opinion regarding the creation of a national pricing policy regarding the costs or expenses incurred in hospitals and stated that hospital care shouldn't put a strain on people's finances and should instead be covered by the various health insurance programmers that are already in place for everyone. Work on a few of these topics should be considered. Along with this, individuals should have easy access to clear; fact-based information about the management of covid-19, and it should be expanded and put into practice. So that the public can quickly learn about the work being done by doctors and corona warriors.

Fighting COVID-19 requires the mobilization of all human resources across all facets of the health system, including the private sector. They must also have access to sufficient resources for this battle, including protective gear, instructions for using professional interventions, insurance, and assistance with mental health. To take care of all these things, we must work hard. We also talked about the Covid-19 immunity that the infected had acquired this time, might have been lost by the time of the third wave. We also discussed the idea that it would be preferable to adequately vaccinate a huge portion of the nation's population as soon as possible, preventing the corona from being as effective.

  1. ·         First, let's acknowledge that cleanliness is of utmost importance, and that it should be required that everyone wash their hands, feet, and faces after leaving the house. Avoid wearing shoes inside, and in the summer, bathe your kids right away after they get home.
  2. ·         Keep children and sick family members apart in the home.
  3. ·         Tell them about the dangers of junk food and keep them away from it.
  4. ·         Children should periodically receive vaccinations, and there is currently an influenza vaccine available that can help with COVD prevention.
  5. ·         Children in India lack protein, thus families that consume eggs must also give their children eggs. In addition to eggs, other important sources of protein include lentils and soy.
  6. ·         Children should be taught to regularly consume milk and paneer.
  7. ·         Young children can be given ragi, maize, sattu, gramme soup or halwa; older children can also be given roti or paratha. Lemon water and fruits, or other naturally occurring vitamin sources, should be given to kids as a source of vitamin C.
All of these are aspects that parents should pay special attention to. I want to thank the Honorable President Shri Ram Nath Kovind ji for taking the time out of his busy schedule to hear what I had to say and about the work Rama Medical is doing.