During the Covid waves, Rama Medical College and Hospital is moving forward to serve the community.

In order to help people during the Covid waves, Rama Medical College and Hospital is working in conjunction with the Government of UP. In order to help the university's medical staff serve society in collaboration with the state government, Dr. Pranav Singh and his group collaborated with the government on issues of policy and regulations. Fighting the unseen enemy is not a simple feat in this day of global pandemic. Every doctor has contributed significantly to the effort to stop epidemics. Throughout the Corona era, the employees of the Health Department and all other sectors have worked diligently and in close coordination. As a result, the corona has been greatly regulated. The health professionals and concerned officials all worked together very well to combat the corona virus.Rama Medical has made every effort to combat the corona virus. Tasked with educating medical professionals, paramedics, and class IV personnel on how to treat corona suspicions and infected. Our crew is working hard to guarantee that the individuals residing here under quarantine do not experience any food or drink issues, in addition to supplying Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) kits and masks to everyone.

There is a 2019 and to grow, step forward. How medical colleagues have contributed to reducing corona infection. Similar to that, everyone cooperated to encourage vaccination. The engagement between medical professionals and the general people was crucial in removing the uncertainty and anxiety around vaccinations. We have learned a lot from how we emerged throughout the Corona time. We continuously work to make our healthcare system better. If observed, it is true that we are making progress in enhancing health services throughout time. Even in this day and age, there are new technologies being developed for patients with serious illnesses as well as for the basic hospital amenities. Even when applying the technique. We are making efforts to give patients the finest care possible in this modern day. We are working hard to provide correct care for patients and a better working environment for physicians with the assistance of the state government and the Rama Medical Department at a variety of levels, including audits, medical staff capacity building, and distribution of accurate information. Creating a plan to achieve that.