Prestigious meeting with the governor of Uttar Pradesh on the occasion of New Year

On the evening of the New Year, I had (Dr. Pranav singh) a meeting with the honorable governor of Uttar Pradesh; Smt. Anandiben Patel sent her best wishes for the New Year and got her blessings. Additionally, the topic of raising the educational level at Rama University was considered. Any civilization's education may be seen as a reflection of that society. India was once recognized as the world's guru, and the foundation of this was its education system. When foreign academics and tourists had to discuss India, whether it was Megasthenes or Hiuen Tsang, the country's educational system was unquestionably appreciated. In the twenty-first century, our educational system will be crucial to the determination to restore the nation to its former status as a global leader.

In the sphere of education, new aspirations have begun to emerge with the coming of 2023. Like every year, the university admissions process will begin this year as well, and Rama is doing all in his power to raise the standard for education. We want to provide our students access to the right materials and a secure, supportive learning environment. The university does all in its power to improve it by offering amenities like smart classrooms, libraries, skill labs, sports fields, computer labs, and science labs. University education is comprehensive, immersive, grounded in real-world problems, student-centered, and discussion-based in the classroom. Rama University places a strong focus on lightening the load of exams and making learning engaging at all levels.

The tradition of sending greetings to someone upon the beginning of a new year is quite old, and people continue to do it today. Not only do people exchange greetings on New Year's Day, but some people also share positive vibes with one another. By erasing the experiences from recollection, knowledge enables us to continue through time. In her talk, Honorable Governor Smt. Anandiben Patel discussed how to progress in life by working hard. She added an example by saying; "Imagine there is a river, and it has some stones and muck in it" (silt). What occurs when water becomes stagnant in these little mud blobs? As a result, moss and fungi begin to develop there and the water ceases to be clear, fresh, and pure. This occurs as a result of water pooling in one area.

The water (thought) remains clean and pure when the river moves (when we let forget about the past); water rises above the stones and dirt and rushes towards the sea. The mind is likewise like that; it becomes fixated on particular incidents. It can't be stuck for very long; it has to move, right? Whether they are happy or sad, respectively. We sometimes and over time, with the aid of knowledge, advance.

The events that happened in 2022 are all over. There were some enjoyable days, some significant days, and some days when we did nothing. There were also some awful days among them. Because nothing significant occurred on the days we did nothing, those days had no lasting memory for us. Because we believe that something significant occurred on those days, the remaining days had an impact on our thoughts. We come to understand that nothing is significant or that there is nothing at all through knowledge. Do we realize that sorrowful moments make us feel worse than happy ones? We feel melancholy because happy times are now past. With the aid of traumatic memories, time helps us to heal. But over time, the need for enjoyable times lingers within us; it takes us a long time to recover from it. We develop longings when we have the perception of enjoyable occasions, and longings are difficult to get rid of. Because all experiences—pleasant or unpleasant—are now gone, smart people view them all as painful. How do you feel? I think almost everyone will concur with me on this point?

This New Year let your mind function like a nonstick skillet while you enjoy your brand-new, freshly made pancakes. Don't even consider going back to a time when you neglected to clean your pan since it too is in the past. Therefore, every day is a new day of the year for us and a reason to celebrate. Today has passed. Calendars and other calculations are thus not possible.

When we are content, we do not realize the passing of time. We don't even realize how slowly time is passing. Even though thousands of years have passed, we have no idea of the time; nobody touches us, we are not vibrated, and we do not consider the future. Even when we consider the future, time appears to pass quite quickly. Even when time is passing quickly, nothing changes. Simply sit for a bit when we first wake up in the morning to see how steady time is. It is a state of concentration when time stands still. May everyone have a year filled with knowledge? Happiness comes with learning. We don't need to specifically wish everyone a happy new year since knowledge brings happiness. Nothing else can provide happiness if knowledge is not the source of it. Knowledge leads to true and lasting happiness. So, let's all hope for a year filled with learning.

My heart was filled with joy as I listened to all of these things—thoughts-discussion and knowledge-filled discourse. For taking time out of your valuable time, Governor Madam, I expressed my gratitude.