Rama Groups was awarded by the chief minister of Uttarakhand for their great work in the field of education and health

Honorable Uttarakhand Chief Minister Mr. Pushkar Dhami ji and former minister Mr. Harish Rawat ji presented Dr. Pranav Singh, the director of Rama University, with a certificate of appreciation for rama groups contributions to the fields of education and medicine. During the program, I thanked everyone and also expressed some of my thoughts, as we all know that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, that is, health has its own special importance in terms of life, and to achieve health, Health education is the best means for us, which along with providing us with the qualities of living a practical life, helps us to reach a higher peak in personal, family, social and national life.

Education is the key to everyone's development, thus participating in this endeavor will help the nation progress as well. The goal of Rama University is to advance the area of education. The same way that food is necessary for a healthy body, so too is a solid education crucial to success and a happy life.Living a better, more opulent life is essential. It shapes a person's personality, establishes physical and mental norms, and raises people's standards of life. It encourages living a better life and a sense of physical, mental, and social well-being. A good education is one that creates our future forever and is constructive in nature. It aids in a person's mental, physical, and spiritual development.

We get a lot of confidence as a result of having expertise in several domains. It is the most crucial step toward both success and personal development. We grow and develop in life as we learn more and more throughout it. On its campus, Rama University provides a comparable setting. Prior to anything else, we emphasize to the students that a good education contributes to the likelihood that they will find employment with a reputable, well-recognized organization or institution after receiving their diploma, but that they must also engage in morally upright and charitable activities throughout their lives. A person is also necessary. It is also crucial that our education determines what is good and wrong for us and the people closest to us. The initial goal of receiving a decent education is to become a good citizen, followed by the achievement of personal and professional success. Without a strong education, we lack the ability to think critically and make wise decisions. After food, clothes, and housing, education has emerged as a human being's most important need in today's competitive world. It is able to offer answers to all types of issues: It encourages healthy habits and raises awareness of terrorism, corruption, and other social problems among us.The most crucial instrument for giving someone inner and exterior strength is education. Everyone has a basic right to education, which has the power to bring about any desired improvement in society and the human intellect.

You may have heard the adage "health is wealth" a lot since we all know it to be true. Additionally, Rama University is fully focused on this and is always looking for advancements in the field of research as well as research aimed at enhancing the infrastructure for healthcare. This was the rationale behind India's measured response during the covid crisis, when one developed nation was bowed down. For these situations, Rama Medical College and Hospital is working harder and attempting to make its preparations even better. As part of our efforts to provide better medical services for all people, Rama University has been created in a location that will serve thousands of people living in both urban and rural regions and improve the number of doctor who is available in both. The building of the college here will eliminate the need for medical students to travel to other regions. Better medical care will be available to patients at the hospital. Since the college is now established, there will be more doctors working at the civil hospital, which will allow for better patient care.