Rama University has been honored by Dainik Jagran Media Group in Dubai as the "Most Trusted Brand" in Education & Healthcare

Under the leadership of University Director Dr. Pranav Singh, Rama University was recognised as the "Most Trusted Brand" in the Excellence in Education and Healthcare category by Dainik Jagran Media Group in Dubai in May 2022. Recent years have seen the University win several prizes, increase in popularity, and get numerous accolades under the direction of Dr. Pranav Singh. The Rama Group, which has campuses in Delhi, the Delhi NCR, and Hapur, is responsible for Rama University, Kanpur. One of northern India's main educational hubs, the institution is well known. The institution provides a range of programmers across 13 professional streams and has more than 300 illustrious faculty members.

The goal of Rama University is to put every student. It is regarded as one of the top private institutions in North India for professional programmers like MBBS. The nine professional disciplines offered by Rama University are Basic & Clinical Medical Sciences, Dental Sciences, Nursing, Paramedical Sciences, Biotechnology, Engineering, Commerce & Management, Fine Arts, Journalism, Library Science, and Home Science. Numerous students frequently travel abroad to further their medical education. Why do these medical students travel overseas to complete their degrees is a crucial question. We established Rama University in response to all of these factors and with the intention of broadening the breadth of professional education, and as a result, a significant number of students are receiving education and training today.

Rama University is moving forward with its long-term planning in the direction of the bright future of the students in order to overcome the current difficulties in medical education and the doctor shortage. While doing so, we place a strong emphasis on the resources, curriculum, and training that go into medical education. The provision of healthcare in today's failing medical centre’s in the majority of the country is dependent on having qualified physicians and their colleagues. As we all know, medical science plays a significant role in the overall educational system. We never stop working to make this situation better. Because of this, the majority of people in urban slums and rural regions continue to obtain primary, secondary, or tertiary healthcare.

We are making progress toward making the atmosphere of medical colleges nationally sensitive and internationally competitive by continuously improving the quality of the training provided in our medical institutions. We consider expanding the workforce in nursing and paramedical education while keeping in mind the changes in medical education, particularly in AYUSH education. So that there are a sufficient number of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals works in rural regions. In order for us to manage our heritage, we also pay attention to the fact that the Indian system of medicine has to be reinforced in the areas of graduate, postgraduate, and research education. To work in the field of modern bio-science, combining the knowledge of both approaches, and to develop techniques that will allow information to be systematically given to practitioners who have completed to the necessary training.

Rama University is working to raise the standard of instruction. In order for the process of learning among students and teaching among instructors to go effectively, we have concentrated on the interactions that exist between the teachers and the students. Before the session began, sufficient teachers, according to the subject, had been posted. To raise the standard of education, we also put a lot of effort into changing the way teachers educate. Along with the curriculum, we have endeavourer to provide the students with material that is applicable to real-world situations. Additionally, the institution sometimes uses an inspection system where we get input from the students. Additionally, the education tuition has been set such that even students in the entire category may afford it.

In order to assist our students in realizing the constitutional goals of social, economic, and political equality, we have placed a strong focus on transforming today's education into one that is development and career-oriented. By receiving an education, children can develop into confident adults. To increase the quality of teaching, efforts have been undertaken to give instructors a comfortable working atmosphere. According to which we gave the instructors timely access to appropriate materials so they could use them effectively.  To develop the education sector, we are actively involved in formulating policies and disseminating information on all suitable platforms. Rama University is always working to enhance the effectiveness of the system for enhancing educational institution policies in accordance with governmental regulations.