With the assistance of the UP Govt, Dr. Pranav Singh and his team gave exceptional service to the community during the COVID waves

The Rama Medical College and Hospital provided the community with quality care during the Covid waves with the help of the UP government. Dr. Pranav Singh and his associates made sure that the medical facilities could adequately service the community during the COVID waves.  The escalating severity of the outbreak necessitates a prompt, proactive, graded, whole-of-government, community-based approach. The Uttar Pradesh government is developing a comprehensive strategy to stop the spread of the disease, save lives, and lessen its effects. Additionally, the Central Government made a daring choice by implementing the countrywide lockdown. This began with a Janata Curfew that a sizable crowd imposed on themselves in response to the Hon'ble Prime Minister's appeal. This demonstrates how India came together to control COVID-19 and how the nation was effective in reducing COVID's intensity. In order to prevent difficulties for the infected patients and our clinicians, the team at Rama Medical additionally enhanced additional health infrastructure during the Covid wave by expanding human resources and the capacity of crucial personal protective equipment (PPE), N-95 masks, and ventilators.

Rama University has started a number of processes with the assistance of the state government to stop and reduce the infection in the city, and I have been monitoring the situation every day. Along with providing the hospital with all of the essential supplies, he constantly communicated with the state government to comprehend its concerns and work with it to administer Covid effectively. Rama Medical is always expanding its laboratory network to keep up with the dynamic nature of the world. We constructed testing facilities where samples of COVID-19 are examined for COVID infection. The Indian government is working nonstop to address the possible threat posed by Covid.

Additionally, guidelines for the clinical care of COVID-19 were released, and by continuously updating them, they were extensively disseminated. Case definition, infection control prevention, laboratory diagnosis, first supportive therapy, care of severe cases, and squeal are some of these. In order for all of this information to stay with the officers of our team, there shouldn't be any turmoil at the Covid Care Center, patients should receive facilities on time, there shouldn't be a lack of medications, and there shouldn't be any commotion, Increase in.

These audit teams were created after we separated the teams into different duties and organized them to examine and keep track of the resources accessible to Covid patients. Additionally, the main work area's prescription, ICU, medication, and oxygen amenities drew notice. We worked carefully, giving close attention to each of our plans. Under which consideration was given to the physicians' willingness and capacity to transport the corona positive patient from his house to the hospital via ambulance before providing care for him. By all means, we are working toward giving patients who arrive in an emergency greater treatment options. Along with this, a lot of focus was placed on the availability of medications, the oxygen plant, oxygen concentrator, CT scan, X-ray, and other pathology tests, ventilator facility, and these other factors.

It is significant that in fighting the struggle against Corona during the previous wave, nothing was spared. In addition to leading the world's largest Covid immunization programmed, the nation last wave's supply included vaccinations and all necessary medications for more than 150 nations. India possesses all the tools necessary to wage a significant conflict with Corona. India is now attempting to retest this power. It wouldn't be inaccurate to claim that India as a whole and the populace of the nation are prepared to fight against Corona in such a case. The government's strategy is to educate the public about "Test-Track-Treat-Vaccination." The government also exhorts citizens to adhere to COVID proper conduct and take safety precautions for vulnerable populations. The only way the nation can be rescued from Corona is via constant joint effort.

We attempted to glean insights from the material that was readily accessible on the strategies, plans, and processes required by State Governments and Union Territory administrators based on our experience of effectively managing epidemics and illnesses in the past. This covers comprehensive control strategies and protocols, including advice on how to motivate healthcare professionals, behavioral and psychosocial health, monitoring, laboratory assistance, hospital infrastructure, clinical management, appropriate use of personal protective equipment (PPE), etc. Rama Hospital has made available did it.